It’s no surprise that Zanzibar’s Beach Resort with their long, golden beaches have always been popular. Add in the  ocean, sunshine and laid-back vibe and you have all the ingredients for a perfect beach vacation.

Holiday companies have sought to capitalise on the island’s natural advantages by creating large Zanzibar resorts, particularly around Nungwi on the northern tip of Zanzibar. But by going all-out for mass-market appeal, there’s a danger that they may have missed out on what makes Zanzibar so special in the first place.

If water slides, all-you- can-eat buffets and “cultural shows” are your thing, then one of these resorts could be just what you’re looking for. However, they could also be missing the point. Whichever country you’re from, you’re bound to meet many of your compatriots. You’ll be able to eat the same food and drink the same drinks that you do at home, and you’ll be able to party all night and recover all day.

But we believe that that’s not really what Zanzibar is about. It’s an island that has been blessed with natural beauty, both along the coasts and inland, and which has a unique and fascinating culture.

Getting caught up in a Eurotrash whirlpool won’t really let you tune into that, no matter how many dawa cocktails you consume.

Different in all the right ways

Head to the opposite end of Zanzibar, and at Jambiani Beach you’ll find Driftwood Beach Lodge and a very different type of experience. We’re not your typical Zanzibar beach resort, although we are right on the beach (and a perfect one at that). We’re a small, intimate lodge offering a much more tranquil and authentic Zanzibari experience.

We don’t have any waterslides or disco lights (but we do have a bar). Instead we offer almost unlimited relaxation possibilities, and the chance to encounter the real Zanzibar. Explore Jambiani Beach at your own pace, and under your own steam.

Enjoy meaningful interactions with people from the local fishing villages, and sample the tastes, sights and sounds of Swahili culture. Perhaps you want to while away your vacation catching up on your reading? We have the perfect spot for you – and you may even acquire one of our resident beach cats as the perfect literary companion.

Expand your horizons

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with travelling no further than the water’s edge (a very short walk indeed!) we can also help you see more of Zanzibar’s natural and human history. We know all the right people when it comes to dhow trips or hiring a car to go a little further afield and visit Stone Town.

We can also arrange spice tours, diving, and trips to butterfly farms and Prison Island. We believe that travel is not about escaping life (although a change in routine never harmed anyone), but about making sure that life doesn’t escape us.

There is so much to see and do on Zanzibar that it seems a shame to spend all your time inside one of the big resorts. Wouldn’t you rather see the island, meet the people and eat the food? And then chill with a good book before a barefoot sunset walk along the beach? After all, you can do karaoke at home…

To enjoy a more relaxed, intimate and genuine Zanzibar holiday, we’d recommend that you don’t choose one of the big and bustling Zanzibar resorts. Instead, call Driftwood Beach Lodge on +255 774 236 455 today or click here to start planning a truly relaxing island vacation.