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Zanzibar is an island paradise with so many things to do!

Located off the Tanzanian coast, Zanzibar is full of soft sandy beaches that stretch for miles, bordered by clear, turquoise water and lush green trees, swaying in the breeze.

Add in some local culture, delicious food, and rich history, and you will understand why you should visit Zanzibar!

The ocean here is lovely and warm, with barely a wave to disturb the peace. Men clothed in masaai garb walk alongside women clad in burqas and traditional dhows dot the waterline.

You could while away your time by lazing on the beach and sipping mocktails all day or participate in group tours and activities.

Zanzibar is still relatively undiscovered, and aside from the beach resorts, there’s little else in the form of developments. This means that there are fewer people, smaller crowds, and more authentic experiences to be had.

So visit now and enjoy a slice of paradise, before the secret gets out!

Keep reading to learn the best things to do for a perfect trip to Zanzibar!

What to do in Zanzibar?

Zanzibar is one destination where you can while away your time at the water’s edge without getting bored of the startling views. But there are also tons of activities on offer if you’re looking for things to do.