With the restrictions on global travel that are currently in place, we understand that you might feel that your next holiday is a million miles away. But the good news is that the Spice Islands are much closer than that – and there are many things to look forward to on Zanzibar. If you’re stuck at home as you read this, it’s only natural that you might be daydreaming about tropical beaches and warm seas. If you are, then you’re already imagining life after lockdown – and a trip to Zanzibar.

Here are our top things to look forward to on Zanzibar:

A change of scenery

They say that change is as good as break. We say, it’s even better when you can combine both – which is exactly what Zanzibar offers. Zanzibar is different in every way, and that’s why it’s such a wonderful destination. Its combination of pristine sandy beaches and ancient architecture offers the best of both worlds and ensures that – unlike during lockdown – there’s no danger of getting bored.

Something to suit all tastes

If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands, you could try recreating some traditional Zanzibari dishes – you’ll find some great inspiration here. But however good a chef you are, they won’t taste as good as they do where the seafood is freshest and the spices at their most aromatic on Zanzibar. Whether you grab-and-go at a street food stall or enjoy a romantic beach dinner for two under the stars at Driftwood Beach Lodge, you’ll eat well on Zanzibar.

Slowing things down…

There’s a temptation to constantly refresh websites at the moment for the latest coronavirus updates – but imagine how much more relaxing it would be to switch off the alerts and notifications and forget what time of the day it is – or even what day of the week it is. Zanzibar definitely runs on “island time” and there’s nothing to stress about here. The smart move is to put your phone away and download some sunshine and Indian Ocean vibes instead.

Or speeding them up…

If you’re over the Zoom yoga classes or online workouts, then Zanzibar offers plenty to look forward to. Start with a gentle beach walk to warm up, then try your hand at paddling a local fishing canoe, snorkelling on a reef or kitesurfing – a Jambiani specialty.

Being social again

Zanzibaris are well-known for their genuine hospitality. Thanks to the coronavirus, the island has been much quieter recently. That means that you’ll be guaranteed a very warm welcome indeed. Meeting new folks – from Zanzibar and elsewhere – is definitely one of the things we look forward to the most, any time that we’re away from the Spice Islands.

History and Mystery

Zanzibar’s Swahili culture is inviting and enigmatic at the same time – a stroll around Stone Town definitely beats staring at the same four walls. Every alley, every doorway could reveal a glimpse into a way of life that’s different, but also familiar. Family is important here, and weddings especially are major events. There’s a real sense of joy, and people find happiness in life’s simple pleasures – definitely something to look forward to when you come to Zanzibar. Then there’s the island’s fascinating history, with a cast of characters that includes haute couture dress designers and glam rockers.

Whatever you’re missing most about not being able to travel right now, the chances are that you’ll find it on Zanzibar. Contact us to make a reservation for later in 2020, or for more information on why you should make Zanzibar your first destination as soon as you can travel again.