Getting to Zanzibar for less

If you’re flying from South Africa, the best month for cheap flights to Zanzibar tends to be October. It’s also a great time of year here in the Spice Islands, as it’s towards the end of spring and the weather is just about perfect.

The best-value flights will most likely involve stopovers in either Kenya or Ethiopia, but if you have more time than money and you don’t mind a longer journey, they’re a good way to save. Finding cheap flights to Zanzibar means that you’ll have more to spend when you get here, and we can also give you advice on making your holiday budget stretch that little bit further.

While it’s possible to spend some serious money on Zanzibar, the good news is that this is also a destination where you can have a wonderful holiday without breaking the bank. Once you’ve arrived at Driftwood Beach Lodge, you can have an amazing time just enjoying the free activities on offer.

Fun, free things to do on Zanzibar

Sunbathing, swimming in the ocean and lounging around the pool are great ways to while away your Zanzibar time – and none of them have a price tag attached. You can also borrow our snorkeling gear and explore the nearby reefs. You won’t even need to hire a boat – you can snorkel directly from the beach.

At Driftwood Beach Lodge, we use local ingredients in all our meals, so you’ll find that the prices are reasonable – and the same goes for the drinks. It’s possible to have a brilliant budget beach holiday right here – but what if you want to explore more of Zanzibar?

We can give you advice on the best ways to have affordable adventures, from hiring bikes to learning how to kite-surf. Because we know all the local operators, we can often get great deals for you, so be sure to ask us before you book anything.

Look don’t spend!

Strolling through the narrow streets and markets of Stone Town, you’re bound to want to buy souvenirs – but window-shopping costs nothing! Neither does getting to know the friendly and welcoming locals. Learning a few phrases of Swahili and making friends is one of the best ways you can spend time.

Watching dhows and fishing boats come and go can help you while away a morning or afternoon. There’s a fishing village within easy walking distance of Driftwood Beach Lodge, or you can travel cheaply up and down the coast by local transport such as the dala-dala minibus taxis.

Learn from the locals

Saving money in Zanzibar sometimes means waiting a little longer for things to happen, or slower journeys – but that’s all part of the experience. Living on ‘island time’ is a great way to relax and embrace the ‘hakuna matata’ vibe.

After all, with the rest of the world moving at such a hectic pace, we can guarantee you’ll love the opportunity to slow down for a week or two. And just think of all the money you’ll be saving!

Eating out without eating into your budget

If you have an appetite for a budget Zanzibar experience, then you should definitely try the street food that you’ll find on stalls in Stone Town and in the coastal villages. It’s fresh, tasty and cheap – so why not treat yourself to seconds?

The seafood and tropical fruits are outstanding, and you’ll be helping local traders make a living. It’s worth remembering that while you may be travelling on a budget, international travel is an impossible dream for many Zanzibaris. The money you spend here – even if it doesn’t seem like much – can really make a difference.

If you’re considering a holiday in Zanzibar, don’t let the costs put you off. Simply look for cheap flights to Zanzibar, and contact us here at Driftwood Beach Lodge for advice on the best way to make your shillings stretch from the swimming pool to the sunset!