A change is as good as a break…

Or so they say – but the truth is that nothing is as good as a holiday – especially a holiday that involves sand, sea and sunshine. And that doesn’t involve an epic flight. Hello, Zanzibar!

We all live a hyper-connected life these days, with our phones giving us non-stop notifications and alerts. Wouldn’t it be great to take a break from that, just for a few days? Few things are as satisfying as creating an out-of-office reply as you prepare to head off on vacation – especially if it includes the words “no access to my emails”.

Pull the plug

Imagine a place where your boss can’t find you, and your messages can’t reach you. Just think what you could be doing with all that spare time: reading, swimming, taking a siesta… Of course, we have free Wi-Fi here at Driftwood Beach Lodge – but we’ll only give you the password if you really want it.

Instead, spend time reconnecting with what really matters: your family, friends or partner – and yourself. A digital detox is one of the best presents you can give yourself – we promise you that you won’t be here for long before you stop even looking at your phone.

Holidays are good for you!

Being on holiday lets you catch up on missed sleep, and gives you the time to do a bit more exercise than usual (but only if you want to). There’s nothing like waking up naturally to the sound of the waves to set the mood for a super-relaxed day, and walking hand-in-hand at the edge of the sea definitely counts as cardio.

If you’re feeling more active – or you’re in search of a thrill – we can recommend kite-surfing (Jambiani Beach is a global hotspot for this all-action sport), while diving or snorkeling is a wonderful way to sneak in a workout while dropping in on the reef.

You are what you eat

Healthy eating is a real pleasure on Zanzibar – wherever you dine, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to fresh seafood and tropical fruits (and spices, naturally). Take the time to really savour what’s on your plate – or in your hand if you’re strolling through Stone Town and feel like sampling local street food. Our chefs are always happy to create something special (and healthy) for you – all you have to do is decide when and where to enjoy it.

Living here at Driftwood, we all feel as though we’ve never been in better health. Avoiding the most common minor travel health hassles is easy, because we’ve taken care of just about everything. You’ll even find a mosquito net over your bed for sweet Spice Island dreams.

If you’ve been spending too much time at the office, your skin might have forgotten what the sun feels like – so be sure to apply some sun cream, wear a hat and shades, and avoid the really hot sun around noon and in the early afternoons. Stay hydrated by helping yourself to free mineral water from the water dispenser in our bar area and you’ll be good to go.

On Zanzibar you’ll feel more alive, more energised and more relaxed than you’ve ever been. Your smile muscles will be the ones you use the most as you soak up wellness with the sunshine. Why head for the gym when you could be lying on the beach working out what cocktail to have?

Contact us to make a booking at Driftwood Beach Lodge – it could be the healthiest decision you make all day.