If you’ve never experienced kitesurfing, then you haven’t lived. The same could be said if you’ve never been to Zanzibar. Fortunately, with Zanzibar kitesurfing holidays arranged by Driftwood Beach Lodge, you can combine the two.

Kitesurfing is an extreme water sport that combines elements of windsurfing, surfing, snowboarding and sailing. The basic equipment is a kiteboard, plus a large kite which allows you to harness the power of the wind to propel yourself along, and even pull tricks like jumps and loops.

It’s exhilarating, exciting, and surprisingly easy to get the hang of. Plus, it gives you a great all-body workout (and you get to look cool, too!).

Zanzibar Kitesurfing Season

Zanzibar is the ideal place to learn to kitesurf or to practice your skills. The combination of warm water, quiet beaches and steady winds adds up to a kitesurfer’s paradise. Just up the coast from Driftwood Beach Lodge, the village of Paje has become the epicentre of Zanzibar kitesurfing, with its calm, flat lagoon providing the perfect kitesurfing classroom and playground.

To kitesurf, you need wind, and the good news is that there’s not just one Zanzibar kitesurfing season, but two. We’d recommend visiting either between mid-June and mid-September, or between mid-December and mid-March (so if you live in Europe, Zanzibar kitesurfing makes the ideal winter escape).

Zanzibar Kitesurfing Holidays

Some of the best kitesurfing schools in Zanzibar are along the island’s south-east coast, and not far from Jambiani. That makes Driftwood Beach Lodge the ideal place to stay while you enjoy awesome downwinders on the Indian Ocean – and of course we’re the perfect spot in which to chill after each lesson or ride.

Even during the Zanzibar kitesurfing season, there may be the occasional day when the wind doesn’t blow, but that needn’t dampen your spirits – we can organise plenty of other activities to keep you entertained until the breeze picks up again.

If this is your first kitesurfing experience, we can put you in touch with one of the friendly local kitesurfing schools, where qualified, experienced instructors using the latest equipment will take you from body dragging to stomping in no time at all. Learn how to avoid mowing the lawn and quickly build up the confidence you need to enjoy some air time.

The instructors will give you all the tips and advice you need to avoid kitemares and instead have a completely unhooked Zanzibar kitesurfing experience.

Enjoy the Après-Surf

Kitesurfing is completely addictive – we know! But even the most dedicated rider needs to come back onshore from time to time, and when you do, the whole of Zanzibar awaits. As well as giving you advice on the best kite spots in Zanzibar, we can also help you rent equipment or book kitesurfing lessons, so that you can start riding almost as soon as you arrive.

Get the energy you need by enjoying fresh seafood prepared to local Spice Island recipes and tropical fruits at Driftwood Beach Lodge or spend some time chilling here as you relive the memories of another awesome morning or afternoon of kitesurfing.

We can also arrange tours to Stone Town, Prison Island or Jozani Forest, but then again, if you want to spend every waking moment kitesurfing, we totally get that – and it’s fine by us. Just drop in every now and then to say hi or have a drink and tell us all about your latest boost. We just won’t mention that walk of shame back up the beach when the wind drops!

For the best Zanzibar kitesurfing holidays, call Driftwood Beach Lodge on +255 774 236 455 or click here to get in touch and we’ll tell you all about the Zanzibar kitesurfing season, and the best kite spots on the island.