With a winning combination of sun, sea and sand – plus loads of fun activities – Zanzibar family holidays are ideal for travellers of all ages. Your kids will love being able to run straight down the beach from Driftwood Beach Lodge and into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. It’s hard to imagine an easier family day at the beach – at any point, you can stroll back to the lodge for lunch, drinks or a siesta.

You could spend your entire Zanzibar family holiday relaxing at Driftwood, but there are also lots of options for exploring and getting active. (Don’t tell your kids, but there are even educational activities on offer!).

The beaches at Jambiani will keep younger children happy for hours on end, whether they’re building sandcastles, collecting shells or watching local people harvest seaweed. Older kids will enjoy snorkeling on our house reef – it’s like dropping in on the cast of ‘Finding Nemo’.

If your kids are fidgety at the idea of missing out on their regular soccer or hockey games, they can easily burn off some of that excess energy if you hire a traditional canoe from the fishing village next door to Driftwood Beach Lodge, or even sign them up for kite-surfing lessons. At Kuza Cave, not far from the lodge, you can snorkel together through the aquamarine waters in a natural cavern.

Fun, fascinating family activities

A family dhow trip will be an unforgettable experience – kids will find it easy to imagine that they’re pirates or explorers as the sun sets over the sea and dolphins leap and play ahead of the dhow.

Of course, dolphins are just one of the species that can be found on Zanzibar. Local turtle sanctuaries provide an opportunity to see these rare creatures at close quarters, while the Zanzibar Butterfly Centre makes for a fascinating – and colourful – outing. At Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, a stroll through the forest reveals towering trees, mangrove swamps and curious and playful colobus monkeys. There are also monkeys in nearby Jambiani Forest.

If there’s a Junior MasterChef in your family, a tour of a spice farm will let them see where their favourite ingredients come from – and how they look while they’re growing. More adventurous youngsters will love the street food stalls at Forodhani Park in Stone Town where they can build their own fruit or seafood kebab and watch it get grilled in front of them.

A little bit of culture…

Whether your kids have travelled overseas before or not, we can guarantee that they’ve never been anywhere like Stone Town. This fascinating, historic town can easily occupy a day of your Zanzibar family holiday. The traditional Swahili architecture, intricately carved wooden doors and winding streets are a treat for explorers both young and old, with glimpses of a very different kind of daily life.

Zanzibaris are typically very friendly, and children especially are made to feel very welcome. As you explore the island, you’ll soon make new friends and you’ll find that your kids are so absorbed in their holiday that they’re not missing their tablets or smartphones.

We’ve talked a lot about kids in this blog, but Zanzibar family holidays are also ideal for grandparents. The relaxed pace of life, convenient location, and accessible accommodation make Driftwood Beach Lodge a great choice for a multi-generational vacation. Bringing your parents or the in-laws also lets you have some important couple time while they get to spend time with their grandkids – so everyone’s a winner!

Are we there yet?

Zanzibar is easily accessible from Johannesburg and other major hubs , so you won’t have to keep your kids entertained on a long flight – another one of the great things about Zanzibar family holidays. Do remember to visit your local travel clinic before you come to Zanzibar, and check that everyone in your family is up to date with their vaccinations. Then it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the flight to the Spice Islands!

Contact us today to make a booking at Driftwood Beach Lodge and give your kids a holiday they’ll never forget.